what does it look like working with me?

Something I am very passionate about is not letting other opinions rule your day. You should do it your way no matter what. Trust and believe my husband and I got some flack for eloping, so I have all the elopement advice. During our time together we can get on the phone/facetime and talk through all you are envisioning. (with family opinions taking a hike). Read up on How to Plan Your Dream Elopement here. 

picking a photographer is a big deal

Hiring your elopement photographer is no light task. There should be a lot of weight on choosing a photographer. Photos are all you have left when the day has finished up. Vibe with your photographer and try to get to know them on a level that isn’t just great photos. They should be a friend, a helping hand, and everything in between. 


Through our process together you will be sent 3 questionnaires. A Get to Know, Final and one for Timeline Guidance! They are not 50 pages long, I promise.These questionnaires are for me to help you. I am in it with you from the very start to the very end.


Expect some polaroids during your experience with me. I have quite a few and they are some of my favorite things to gift. They have this imperfection to them whether the light is a little too dark or you are a little blurry. They have a different feel and I think that’s why I have an obsession with them. A polaroid tip: You can actually scan them on the Polaroid app > save them to your phone > and share them on socials!

Print shop

Once you receive your gallery you will see my print shop at the bottom to order any sized prints you want. If you would like to order an album, I am offering these NEW for my 2023/2024 couples. Just ask about that process! Photos last but prints are tangible. They live on your walls for you to stare at every day and make great gifts. Don’t sleep on them. You may also be getting a few in a box at the end of our time together. So look forward to that! 

You deserve the best

Having a elopement photographer you actually love and feel like you can run anything by is so important. Find that elopement photographer you can call a friend. Nothing is worse than having a elopement photographer who does good work but you feel 0 connection. You are stuck with me 99.999% of the day. It’s up to you to decide if that’s a good or bad thing haha! I want you to have a photographer you love. If that’s not me, that’s okay! But if it’s looking hopeful, head on over to that inquiry form.

Timeline guidance

Timelines are tough, I get that. If you have no idea how much time goes where and you feel the burden of a timeline allow me to take that upon myself. In our experience together all I will need you to do is fill out a simple questionnaire. Stephanie will take it from there and guide you through it! Easy.

"I was so overwhelmed with wedding details and when everything would happen and STEPH JUST SWOOPED IN like an angel and made all the different events fit together beautifully!"

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3 sent throughout our process

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creating the perfect timeline

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