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SO happy you’re here and looking at hiring this crazy ball of mess. Believe me, the picture perfect squares on IG is only the beginning because you’ll begin to learn more about me and the crazy, what-a-mess life I live. But that’s the beauty of it all. AMMIRITEE? I can’t wait to get in touch, and get in on this amazing love story of yours. There’s nothing like your personal love story and I WANT IN. Go ahead, browse the site, click, click, click and send me a message!

This is all about you so let’s do this.


Its me, Stephanie


My heart is so full that you are here, looking into hiring some girl from the Suffolk area of Virgnia. Quick backstory on me. I am orginially from California but decided to move to Virginia for college (also for a boy but thats a whole other story. Peep my Journal for that).

I fell in love with photography around my Junior year of high school. It was an on and off passion of mine, didn’t really think it would take off so I quit it for a while. My freshman year of college, I decided to pick back up the camera and just go. I was in my own way and I finally realized it. Now I can create some magic for you and I am more than ready.

That’s just the beginning, so click away to find out more.

BUT I can’t wait to hear about you and what your story is because it matters a heck of a lot to me.


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its me


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