For those who has a story to tell

lets talk investment

Couples Packages

Couples Packages

Package 1




starting price

Package 2



Elopement Package

Elopement Package

lets keep things intimate

For those who want to get away, and tie the knot surrounded by those they love.

Don’t care for all the hustle and bustle that goes into a full on wedding day than this is for you!

starting price 

3-4 hours

under 15 guests to qualify

150-200+ in the Full Gallery

Wedding Package

Wedding Package

starting price
Local : $1500

Need me to travel? No worries, I’m there! Lets Chat

8-12 hours

500+ Images in the Full Gallery

wanna be extra?

I offer photo albums which are full of your love, your big day and will last a life time. Why purchase a photo book?

Digital photos are nice but what happens when your phone decides to fall in the toilet (hey, it happens) or I no longer have your photos on file because that was 10+ years ago.

Albums ensure you will always have those photos and heck, you’ll be able to go through them with your kids one day

Start at $265

Want more details about everything prints? Send me a email.

Second Shooter 200$ | Additional Hours 210$| Free travel depending on location + month 

Press here to get in contact and talk more in detail about all things YOU


50% non refundable, down payment to book any session, 35% retainer for weddings + elopements

This must be completed upon signing contract


Q & A


How will I recieve my images+what is your turn around time to get my photos back?!


All photos are deilvered to you via email in an online, personal gallery where you can scroll through your photos, pick and choose which photos to save (AKA, all of them). Expect to get your photos back 2-3 weeks after. I love to deliver them much sooner but thats just the average. For weddings 3-4 weeks is more realistic.

I try my best to get photos back in a very reasonable amount of time.


Omg im so excited but What should I wear?


PINTEREST. Check out my style guide board here. Neutrals are always a go-to. Stick to the basics like beige, blacks, gray and taupe. THEY WILL NEVER FAIL YOU. Also big tip; wear something you feel confident in. Makes a world of a difference.


What should I expect? I have never done a photo session before and i feel like I will be awkward.


WHOOP WHOOP. I am so stoked for you. For my couple sessions expect a lot of running around, laughing and just interacting with your love bug. Don’t know what your doing? or where to put your hands? GOOD, cause you won’t have to worry about that. No awkward prom poses here.

Photo sessions are all about YOU. Weddings are all about YOU. And I will make it a point to make you feel that way. Weddings are jam-packed with special memories so rest assured I will capture it all for you!

And awkwardness?? BRING IT ON. The more awkward the better. No one feels 10/10 comfortable infront of the camera, neither do I. BUT we will embrace and it and you might even surprise yourself.


Do you re schedule for weather, how does the 50% down payment work?


In order to book your session I require the 50% down payment to ensure your slot. If for some reason the weather is not on our side that day, no worries, we will jump to a different date.

Except for Weddings (obviously). If God decides to send rain our way on your wedding day NEVER FEAR, we will still make this day unforgettable for you + rain won’t keep your photographer away.