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Wait a minute, you wanna get to know more about me? I am flattered and you have come to the right place. You will find both my face and a little paragraph about me with one little scroll.


More about me


Whoooo-hooooo if you made it this far than SCOREEE because now we have to be friends. Here’s some more about me and if I don’t cover enough, heck lets go get coffee and I will talk your ears off.

You probably already figured this out but my name is Stephanie, Steph for short is totally cool. I am in my Junior year of college and going for a Business degree (YAY FOR EDUCATION). Quick fun fact. I am an identical twin so take this picture to the left and just double it. She is the total opposite of me which is kinda funny buy as far as looks go, we are pretty similar. I have two other siblings besides my twin sis. 1 brother and 1 other sister. My dad passed away when I was 17 and I say this because he gave me my first camera EVER. Love photography because it connects me to him in a way and I make so many other connections with people like you. Pictures are so important and I am thrilled to be able to capture some sweetness for others to cherrish for years and years to come!!

This whole photography thing started for me during my Junior Year of high school and I just started to take it way more seriously so now here I am, chasing a passion. My big goal is to eventually do photography full time but for now I will stay in school (your welcome mom).

I love moody, earthy tones, and candid moments. My photography style is more on the muted side. True to color is the vibe. During your session iwth me yes, you will get a couple posed photos but my main goal is to bring out your personality and your natural self. Candid moments that are filled with laughter and smiles all around. If you are down to just have fun, let loose, and just be yourself then I am YUH GIRL. I love the awkward so if you feel awkward taking pics have no fear, the more awkward the better I promise.

So there you have it. Thats my ramble. If you’d like to know more or go grab coffee together, send me a EMAIL or follow me on instagram.

PHEW, now that we got through that block of wordage, keep on clicking, scrolling, and talk soon.


 Meet my piece + my why


Okay if you really, like REALLY REALLY wanna get to know me than you gotta know about this goof. Thanks to my sweet photographer friend Jessie Walker for actaully capturing photos of us together T-4 years later.

This is Cameron. He has driven me too many sessions to count and is literally the REASON why you are even on this website right now. If it wan’t for him pushing me towards this passion of mine I don’t think I would of ever pursued it as hard as I have. He is why.

SO with that being said, once again, this is Cam (take a mental picture cuz theres prob a 9.99999/10 chance you’ll see him if we work together). He is my piece. The piece to this whole photography business of mine. The piece that is behind the scenes and the whole reason my business is trucking along.

ANYWAYY, enough sappy(ness). Its time to grab your boyfriend/husband/other half and get him infront of the lense girlfriend. I can’t wait to create memories, belly laughs and just simple moments for you to cherrish for ever and ever.

Cams why I started but you are why I continue to do what I do. To create stories and memories that stay with you for everrrrr.


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