Kayla + Connor

If I had to recommend anyone, it would definitely be Steph! Such an amazing photographer and an incredibly down to earth person. Love her personality and I love how she interacts with everyone. Highly highly would recommend her to ANYONE !!!! 5 STARS

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Stephanie Johnson
Kayla Graham

Oh my goodness I thought I posted this awhile ago but it didn’t go through! How do I even start this 😩😩 Stephanie is a highschool friend of mine and her heart is as pure as gold 😭 Stephanie has an amazing eye for photography and she treats her clients like their royalty! She is so sweet and welcoming and just has an amazing presence right from the start! She did a photo shoot with me and my puppers for my husband who is overseas for the year. And I can not get over them! They are so amazing and raw and right from the heart! Not to mention the length this girl would go through to capture your memories! She is dedicated to her passion and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for that picture perfect moment! Totally. In. Love!!!

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Kay + Kyle


Those are the words that are going to go through your head when you start getting your pictures taken by Stephanie. She's quick to get your shots so you're not stuck in the same pose forever, she's efficient with letting you move but still being able to get her shots, and is such fun to be around, you'll want to still hang out with her after your shoot!


Those are the words that are going to go through your head when you get your pictures back because 1. You were looking fine that day, and 2. STEPHANIE ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT WITH YOUR PHOTOS! No, it's not an exaggeration - it's the truth. And just so you know how unbiased I am - I was found on instagram through a hashtag and asked to come in to shoot with a couple photographers who I have never met, heard of, or even knew existed. I know, kinda sketch. BUT LOOK AT THE BEAUTY THAT CAME OUT OF THIS *semi* SKETCHY SITUATION.


Those are the words coming from me shouting through this screen because I want you to know how amazing Stephanie and her photography is. So just ask her to be your photographer already! And y'all go have a fun time and know I'm jealous cause I wish she could just photojournal my life!

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Anna + Jake

Where do I begin?! Stephanie was SO SO SO genuine and down to earth. She’s caring and sweet and made Jake and I feel like we were in a romance movie or a dreamy love novel! She was ecstatic about our love for each other and extremely kind hearted. The photos were jaw dropping, she went above and beyond! J and I loved every second of our session and would drive 8 hours round trip to hang out with her any day!

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Anna + Trev

I had the incredible opportunity to have Stephanie take pictures of me and my love, Trevor. She captured our story perfectly, and gifted us photographs that we will cherish for ever. These photos will be things we can look back on years from now and show our children and remember our life together as wee teens. Stephanie made our shoot fun, candid, and exciting by making it easy for us to be intimate and in love in front of the camera. She is nothing short of a sweetheart, and establishes more than just a photographer/client relationship. You will walk away from your shoot with a friendship to last a lifetime, and memories that will never be replaced. Trevor and I are so thankful to Stephanie for capturing our love story. She is an incredible human and has so much promise in her future photography endeavors. Book your sessions folks! You won’t regret it!

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Kenzie + Galvin

Here’s how my shoot with Stephanie went! I had never met her before even though we follow each other on social Media from her dating my cousins cousin, but you would never have been able to tell that! She makes you feel comfortable and completely at home! She is a fun, sweet, funny, exciting lively person that I have the treasure of knowing and calling a friend!

And on top of everything about the energy she provides for the Shoot her pictures are ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!!! I can’t thank you enough for capturing the moments of love and pure happiness in the pictures!

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