Jockey's Ridge State Park, North Carolina | Kristiana + Karl


Complete DREAMBOATS. These two are to good to be true, I mean seriously look at them! A day out in the dunes with these two was an absolute dream like c’mon it can’t get that much better than this. So many wonderful souls worked together to make this magic a reality and I am thrilled with the outcome.

This is Kristiana and Karl, one of the two amazing couples we had on this day and ohhhemmgeeee, just let these pictures speak for themseleves because, phew, I don’t have the words.

Thanks again to the amazing humans who participated in this event. You all are the real deal.

Hair/makeup: Sara ; Makeupbysac

Styling: Megan ; Indieandivory 

Florals: Mariah ; Gather Floral

This crazy talented babe who coordinated this whole thing: Jessie Walker Mcburney Photography