Cozy Green House Couples Session | Kay + Kyle


SERIOUSLY now, where do I even begin?! First of all this greenhouse.

O B S E S S E D.

These two made these plants look good. Kyle and Kay are the sweetest couple on the planet (I say this about all my couples but like you can’t blame me). Last minute couples sesh turned into all this wonderfulness and I couldn’t be more excited about their future togther.

sidenote: google told this girl that a shorter haircut wouldn’t look good on her kind of face shape and like UMMMM, WAY TO PROVE GOOGLE WRONG. Kay is the most beautiful soul inside and out. I found a true friend in her for sure.

Now, back to what I was saying, THESE TWO. Goodness gracious you guys, I could go on and on but you might as well just see it for yourself. Give it a scroll through.

Stephanie Johnson